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Is the glass half empty or half full?

January 18, 2009

Is the glass half empty or half full?
Who cares, as long as it’s pretty. This week my sorority celebrated its 101st anniversary. One of the traditions of the sorority is to create gifts for new members. One of the gifts that I created was a beautiful glass ( I am still searching for a picture bear with me). I used peals, pink roses, and ribbon to tie together my theme. Nostalgia inspired this post, and I believe I will be working on creating some custom glasses in the near future. Until then, here are some inspirations….

Feel inspired, here are some tips to do it yourself.
Things You’ll Need:
Various sizes of paintbrushes
Acrylic paints
Plastic paint pallet
Glass surface
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton swabs
Bowl of water
Paper towel
Step One
Begin by cleaning the surface of the glass with soap and water or glass cleaner in preparation for the painting.

Step Two
Let the glass dry completely after cleaning.

Step Three
Squeeze the paint onto the paint pallet. Mix the paints together to get the desired color.

Step Four
Wet the brush and mix a very small amount of water with the paint so it can move more easily. You can add water to acrylics to make them more transparent and thinner, but for this glass project, you need the paint to be very thick.
Step Five
Hold the piece of glass horizontal while painting so that it does not run. The paint should dry quickly if not much water is added.
Step Six
Create a pattern on the paint using the paint brushes. When switching colors, rinse the brush well in the bowl of water, and then dab the brush dry on a paper towel. On glass, it works best to create small and detailed designs with dots or tiny strokes of color, instead of big blocks of color.

Step Seven
Correct mistakes by removing the paint with rubbing alcohol.

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